The Brand Adidas Gambles On Rose Ten-year Career Smooth

The Brand Adidas Gambles On Rose Ten-year Career Smooth

Based on the disclosure of ESPE and other mainstream media. Adidas will sign its ten-year, 250 million dollars shoes endorsement deal with NBA star Derrick Rose on the beginning of the end of the year. The number is very shock, which is much more than the number Rose wage contract signing with Chicago Bulls (five-year with 94 million dollars). It is deserved to be called few “lifetime contract” in the world of professional sports. It is worth stating that NBA superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant shoes endorsement deals with Nike are alternately 93 million dollars in seven years and 45 million dollars in five years.
What makes Adidas do such big stake on Rose? People in the industry said, Rose is the unique NBA superstar against James and Kobe’s popularities in Chinese market. However, it is may be Adidas talking to hear itself speak. In China, the winner sale of jersey is Kobe’s jersey for many years, and only James may challenge it, according to the statistic disclosed by NBA official. Adidas is willing to bet on Rose’s ten-year career going well, what is the reason? The reason is Adidas has no choice. And from quantity to quality, Nike is far exceeding compared with Adidas in the field of basketball.
Now Nike endorsers consist of NBA’s hottest stars, of course, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the two favorite. Adidas had a period of days when had ability to contend with Nike gorgeous stars cast. If turn back time, whoever walking on Wangfujing Street would be attracted by Adidas huge billboard that NBA stars Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Chauncey Billups on it. The five stars were famous in NBA, but injuries, age and something unpredictable dismembered the all-star team. In today situation, only Rose and NBA active leading center Howard have the ability to contend against Nike all-star team.
When Adidas stars are old, Adidas could not sign a group of basketball new stars with commercial value early like Nike. But, it is not Adidas should examine. After all, buying stars is the problem of money. What it should examine is German enterprise culture and the difference of thought patterns in basketball culture between Adidas and the American company Nike.
In actually, Adidas and Nike performance are no different on their faces for regular sports fans. Compared with Nike apparent technique, such as “flying line” on the shoe upper, Adidas core technique of A3 is very implicit, it is hidden in the sole. For non-professional sports fans, Nike technique is not only a new technology, but a new design element, and Adidas technique is different to perceive. Moreover, basketball is closely linked with American street culture from it birth. Obviously, basketball shoe should contain more design elements and reflect personalities to appeal to consumers.
Currently, Nike basketball star brand has established three main and stable series: LeBron James series, Kobe Bryant series, and perennial Michael Jordan series. Unlike Nike, Adidas was planning to pursue the image “Basketball Team, Basketball Brothers” ceremoniously from 2008. It is reasonable, but the problem is that this kind of practice is exceeding the concept of five stars’ shoe “brothers”.

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