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Proctor & Gamble Competitors in Indonesia

Proctor & Gamble Competitors in Indonesia Despite Proctor and Gamble being a multinational company with overwhelming presence in the global spectrum, it has not been exempted from the rapidly increased competition. The aspects of globalization, liberalization of markets as well as advancement of technology have been the main factors leading to increase in competition (Hoyer… Read More »

The Biggest Gamble and Decision is Marriage

The Biggest Gamble and Decision is Marriage Women, always have high expectations of marriage, the expectations of the material, more spiritual pursuit, perhaps, until spend half years, they could not come true their dreams. Women will charge the young, happy, health, pursuit of happiness to the marriage, and maybe some people can reap rich fruits.… Read More »

The Love Gamble

The Love Gamble When it comes to love, we all have to somewhat gamble with our feelings. The prospect of the unknown is something we all have to delve into from time to time. Not knowing what’s around the corner is all a part of life. Especially in love, the odds of finding someone at… Read More »