Preserve youth with hilos cara

By | April 30, 2016

Preserve youth with hilos cara

Beauty and aesthetics have become a priority in the today’s world where making an impression is the most important aspect of personal and professional life. Sometimes at the expense of one’s own health. With the alteration in life styles obesity and ojeras have become a universal problem. With a constant pressure to look fit and youthful, many people today are seeking medical advice and aid like Hilos cara and tratamiento de estrias.

Hilos cara is a popular procedure as it is relatively painless when compared to other procedures. It also leads to rapid recovery. Another procedure call con hilos involves uplifting of flabby skin on face and other body parts with the help of threads. These provide safe non surgical  cosmetic treatment options for those unwilling to undergo conventional or laser surgery.

Ojeras commonly refered to as dark circles refers to nonpigmented or pigmented darkening of the skin encircling the eyes. Many cases are idiopathic while some have an underlying medical condition,malnutrition, excessive strain on eyes.lack of sleep and stress being some of them. Ojeras can also be attributed to aging process. Management of this condition involves identification and elimination of the underlying cause. Nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals particularly vitamin A  and vitamin E. Undereye gels and ointments containing anti oxidants and vitamins can also tackle the pigmentation. Adequate sleep must be ensured to prevent recurrence. In many cases replenishment of deprived sleep led to remission.

 Stretch marks are a result of sudden relaxation of skin after it has been stretched consistently for a long time and then relaxes suddenly. This condition results due to breakage of collagen and elastic fibres due to their inability  to recoil sufficiently . This is commonly seen after pregnancy and drastic weight loss. These appear in the form of unsightly white or gray marks that may initially have a reddish appearance on the skin which adversely hamper the aesthetics. Tratamiento de estrias aims at eliminating these unsightly marks or improving their appearance if elimination is not possible.

Some of the natural  tratamiento de estrias include aloe, essential oil of lavender and germanium along with coconut oil and jojoba. These agents are effective in maintaining the elasticity of the skin . These also maintain resilience of the skin fibres.

Procedures like microdermal abrasion which uses a special device to scrub the skin off the marks using minute crystals and laser treatment which penetrates the skin layers to enhance its elasiticity have been found to be very effective specially if instant results are desired. However stubborn marks may require multiple sittings.

With the above mentioned procedures ,it has become very convenient for us to attain the kind of aesthetic charm we desire while ridding our bodies of the undesirable features. It is however recommended to try out the natural remedies before opting for invasive procedures as natural therapy has proved its efficacy in several cases. It is mandatory to weigh the pros and cons before opting for a cosmetic treatment and it should never be undergone at the expense of health.

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