Adidas soccer shoes

Adidas soccer shoes

Adidas has always been the number on manufacturer of soccer shoes and they still are today. It is not a coincidence as the products they produce are good quality, innovative and last but not least they have that Adidas feel. Adidas has had a lot of successes during these years on top of the business. In this article I will mention a few of their biggest successes because I feel they deserve to be honored. The first shoes I want to mention are the ultimate classic among Soccer Shoes. This shoe has survived since they first got in to production in 1979. The shoes I am talking about are of course the Copa Mundial. This shoe is a fantastic example of the innovation that Adidas has always had. It was the first shoe that was made with a molded sole. This has really revolutionized the way that Nike Mercurial Soccer shoes are made. It also has a upper shoe that is made from the softest leather you van imagine. It has actually become so popular that Adidas had to make it into three more models with different soles, on for indoor, one for turf and one for wet grass pitches. The next model is the Adidas F50 adizero Soccer shoes. This shoe is one of Adidas newest and most popular models today. It was made to be a direct competitor to Nike Mercurial Vapor as a lightweight shoe. Especially popular among young player who has seen the world star Lionel Messi use them. The third and last model I will mention is of course Predator. This Adidas Adipower Soccer shoes really made an impact when it was released. It is made to make the players shoot harder and to give the ball more spin than a regular shoe. Every second year Adidas releases a new model of Predator. The one that is currently in the stores is Powerswerve.

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